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snowy day!

there was a much more substantive post i had lined up to publish, but why would i bother with something so boring when compared to real, live snow (scroll down a little)?

our region has been snow-starved this season, so yes, this is a big deal. i don’t even want to hear it from yall northerners about how insignificant this is. weather-ly speaking, we’re in a transition zone, so snow that sticks is rare delicacy in my book.

you know how, normally, you have to unglue yourself from your bed in the mornings? not so for me today; it was easy. and i feel that it was partly that way because of the snow- not that i could see it, but the quieting blanket effect it has on white noise. know what i mean? all those flakes have a wonderful way of absorbing noise that no other precipitation can quite match. so getting out of bed was music to my ears.

also to note- snow’s ability to keep things warm. ask a farmer if you don’t know- a good layer of snow is her best friend when it comes to winter crops. and igloos ring a bell?

enjoy it while it lasts, everyone. and stay warm/safe/happy.

(I’m adding my snowy day to Yasmin’s post…here’s a view out of my office window. SubhanAllah so peaceful — Sanjana)

DCGM—-Center for American Progress!

Article about the origins of DC Green Muslims in the context of the larger DC Muslim community embracing eco-consciousness!

“green muslim”

how’s this for a working definition?

“being green in the muslim community,
and muslim in the green community.”

-bilal, 12/20/2008