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It’s been a while since I wrote a post for this blog. Its also been a while since I visited “No Impact Man”. I’ve just been carrying along with my life, making due. Confessions:

-I drive at least 30 miles everyday for work

-I’ve been using a TON of energy to heat my water and air…its been such a bitter, long, cold winter!!

-Yeah….I don’t need anymore confessions. Driving that much is bad enough. I’m actually still not too bad in other categories.

Today I hopped over to No Impact Man’s blog to see what was new with him and his efforts at sustainability. I ended up being inspired by the message of “don’t give up”–even though I am forced to drive that much (no metro access, no thank you for the 1 hour +++ bus ride, no carpooling in sight), I shouldn’t just give up. And boys and girls, neither should you! If you’re stuck in a rut or feel like you’re hybernating, have a glance at his story about the stupid frog and the smart frog. It offered a refreshing perspective–you don’t always have to be the “smart one” to be the valued one. Read his “Advice from an Accidental Activist”:

And speaking of frogs, here’s what I’m enjoying in the burbs. Hope you city folk can enjoy this symphony in person, too–“spring is coming!!!!”