Announcing Green Dinner #4

You’ve heard about sustainable food, water, and energy.

But what about sustainable CLOTHING?

DC Green Muslims is excited to present in coordination with DC-Goodwill, “Reduce, Reuse, RE-DESIGN,” an event designed to alter not only our practices of consumption, but also your old clothes!

Attendees will have the opportunity to bring their old clothes and swap with others. Sewists and designers will also be on-hand to provide advice and alterations on your ‘new’ clothes. Look here to get a better idea of what this swapping business is all about.

Presentations and displays will further address issues of sustainability, fashion, and spirituality. The program will also include dinner (tentatively 6:30) and group clean-up.

April 19th, Swapping begins at 4:30.


Goodwill Training Center
10 South Glebe Road
Arlington VA 22204
(Buses available from Ballston Metro. Parking available on-site. Check contact details below for carpool info.)

What to bring:

* At least one piece of clean, lightly used clothing, shoes, and/or accessories (but you can bring much more!)
* As before, dinner will be potluck. Please bring healthy, non-sticky/greasy food/drinks

What not to bring:

* Undergarments, socks, torn/stained clothing
All leftover materials will be donated to our friends at Goodwill.


Esa (esa dot syeed at gmail)
Rima (rimazk at gmail)