Reviving Remembrance Retreat

  • Venue:
    North Eastern Pocono Mountains, PA, USA
  • Start:
    August 12, 2013 12:00 am
  • End:
    August 19, 2013 12:00 am


Life by its nature is a struggle that is analogous to the battlefield. The word “retreat” in English stems from a Latin word that connotes “drawing back” or “pulling back.” Around the same time, the word was used in the military sense of “falling back from battle” as well. In the Qur’an, Allah condemns those who turn their backs from the battlefield unless it is for the purpose of “maneuvering for battle or joining another detachment.” Similarly, we cannot flee the battleground of our everyday realities and struggles; however, it is important at times to step back, charge our spiritual batteries and regroup in order to face them. In order to accomplish this, we need a retreat environment that is conducive to healing and growth. Just as light, water, and oxygen must be present in order for plants to grow, likewise, knowledge, devotion, and companionship are prerequisites for religious growth. In this environment of learning, worship, reflection, companionship, sacred poetry, spirituality, and leisure activities, we hope that all attendees will have an invigorating experience and that the seeds of growth will be planted that eventually yield great fruits.

* This event is being organized by Al Maqasid.

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Nestled in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains with beautiful gardens, rolling hills, country air and vistas the retreat offers a tranquil natural environment perfect for reflecting on the creation of Allah.  The retreat site also offers space for believers to connect with each other over multiple campfires, trails, an outdoor amphitheater and a thirty-five acre lake with a beautiful white sandy beach.  The retreat also offers an array of fun activities for all ages including zip lining, archery, kayaking, basketball, tennis, a roller skating rink, toboggan sled ride, a game room, weight room, a huge pool and much more.  The entire camp is well lit at night with hot and cold water in all facilities and every camp bunk has its own bathroom with multiple showers and lavatories.  We believe that the natural beauty of the retreat will offer a wonderful compliment to the spiritually stimulating week the retreat will offer in sha Allah.

Scholars:  Shaykh Jihad Brown · Molana Abdur-Rahman Hashim AhmadAnse Tamara GrayImam Tahir AnwarShaykh Muhammad MendesShaykh Yahya RhodusNader Khan


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