Green Dinner #3: Food for Thought

We’d like to offer you some food for thought before the dinner on Friday. Something to chew on, so to speak. These posts are both previews and further reading for our dinner’s discussion themes. Glance through them if you have time. Don’t worry if you don’t. We’ll go over these same topics during dinner, and you can come back to this site whenever you’re hungry for more!

#1: Nature, Childhood and the Prophet (PBUH)

We’ll be sampling an excerpt from this popular book – Last Child in the Woods – on children and nature. Here’s a taste: “Given a chance, a child will bring the confusion of the world to the woods, wash it in the creek, turn it over to see what lives on the unseen side of that confusion.” p. 7

…and an excerpt from this book – In the Footsteps of the Prophet – on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him – PBUH), by Tariq Ramadan. To whet your appetite: “This relationship with nature was so present in the Prophet’s life from his earliest childhood that one can easily come to the conclusion that living close to nature, observing, understanding, and respecting it, is an imperative of deep faith.” p. 12

#2: Climate Change

We’ll also be sampling an excerpt from this short paper – Islam and Climate Change – by Muzammal Hussain of LINE, on species extinction.

Other resources, if you’d like to learn more about climate change:

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Summary of Fourth Assessment Report – a thorough scientific assessment of the drivers and impacts of climate change
  • Elizabeth Kolbert: Field Notes from a Catastrophe – a series of articles from the New Yorker that brings to life the impacts of global warming and the people studying it
  • Andy Revkin: Dot Earth – from NY Times science reporter on climate change and sustainability challenges facing the growing human population
  • NPR and National Geographic: Climate Connections
  • Nature Magazine: Climate Change