New Beginings~

Happy first day of Spring everyone!!
This also happens to be the Persian New Year, as Mr. Obama acknowledged…It was definitely a new experience to hear “Eideh shoma mobarak” from the president.

Traditionally, Iranians have a special table spread to mark this occasion. Besides the Qur’an, mirror, and candles, that represent light and the remembrance of God, they have at least seven symbolic items that all begin with the letter seen:

sabzi: grass that they have been growing for the last 3 weeks from lentil or barley seeds
seer: garlic
sekkeh: gold coins
serkeh: vinegar
sib: apples
senjed: dried fruit of a lotus tree
sonbol: hyacinth flowers–the smell is instant spring!

There’s a whole bunch of other items to include as well, and a traditional dish of smoked fish and sabzi polo (rice cooked with fresh green herbs) to eat with the family. To me, this is a nice tradition but all of these things are secondary compared to the sheer joy of walking outside and seeing GREEN instead of GREY, of being reminded of the miracle of rebith and growth within ourselves and around us.