Green Muslims operates in three programmatic areas: building and sharing knowledge, community action and capacity building and leadership development.

Building and Sharing Knowledge

Our educational programming offers a space for Muslims to learn about Islam’s ethos of environmentalism through a practical lens. We offer study groups for reflection on scripture as well as challenges facing the environmental movement. We provide toolkits on how to create a greener Ramadan. Our website has an active blog where we share ideas and learn from the work of folks on the ground. We also facilitate sharing knowledge and networking through a large community list serve of Muslims interested in the environmental issues, nature, and spirituality. We offer a reflective gatherings in nature for remembrance of God and His bounty in hopes that Muslims walk away feeling a sense of urgency to protect the signs around us that are in prayer to God.

  • Green Scripture Project: A community-powered curated collection of readings on faith and the environment from the Islamic tradition.

Community Action

Through our farm work days, planting trees, park and river clean ups, we hope to create a space where Muslims can learn about what it means to be a steward of the Earth by action. We have coordinated community gardening projects at Walker Jones farm in Washington D.C. We have worked with Josephine Butler Center in Washington D.C. to clean up parks and plant trees. We are always looking for more opportunities to get our hands dirty and build partnerships with other environmental groups. Our goal is to put the prophetic practice of conservation and stewardship into action.

  • Zero Trash Kit: Renting the Green Muslims Zero Trash Party Set is not only a way to save the costs of buying disposable plates, but a great contribution to protect our planet, reduce the size of our land fills, and inspire your friends to environmental stewardship

Capacity Building and Leadership Development

We offer one-on-one consulting to community leaders, imams, mosque executive boards, Muslim Student Associations, youth, and others to come up with ways to make green ideas permeate the communities these leaders serve. We understand that no community is alike so the consulting is tailored. We have worked with local mosques in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to improve recycling practices and hold low-waste iftars. We have worked with universities nationally to help students with green programming through their Muslim Student Associations. We have spoken nationally and put on workshops at conferences including: ISNA, Interfaith Youth Core, USAID, Inner City Muslim Action Network, Zaytuna College, MIST, Interfaith Power and Light as well as local groups through DC, Maryland and Virgina.