Zero Trash Kit

Are you planning an event or workshop for your organization in DC Metro area? Having a big potluck or picnic? Renting the Green Muslims Zero Trash Party Set is not only a way to save the costs of buying disposable plates, but a great contribution to protect our planet, reduce the size of our land fills, and inspire your friends to environmental stewardship.

Three Simple Rules!

  1. Preserve
    Help us preserve the party set and our earth by preventing them from getting thrown away or lost!
  2. Keep it clean
    Cleanliness is half of faith. Let the next diners enjoy the party set in good, clean condition 🙂
  3. Return on time
    Need the set longer? Contact us to see if your reservation can be extended.

**For missing, damaged, or late tableware items, we ask for a $0.25/item donation.**