What We Do

Green Muslims’ educational programming offers a space for Muslims to learn about the environmental spirit inherent in Islam, from the responsibilities humans have as caretakers of the earth to the role nature plays in our own spiritual development.

Our deen is green! (oDIG)

Since 2015, Green Muslims has led Our Deen is Green! (ODIG) environmental education programs for youth in the Washington, DC, metro area. Through our ODIG programing, local youth are exposed to the beauty of nature, while learning about their responsibilities towards the environment and the role that connecting with the earth plays in their faith.

This summer’s ODIG will be a special interfaith Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) for children ages 9-12, where kids of various faith perspectives will come together to explore why nature, in general, and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, in particular, are important to us and what we can do to connect with and protect the earth.

Hikes and Service Activities

For opportunities to participate in local, hands-on and outdoor activities, Green Muslims offers a variety of recreational and service projects. Through these, Green Muslims strives to create a space where Muslims can learn about what it means to be a steward of the Earth through involvement and action. Please click below for upcoming opportunities open to all.

Speakers and Leaders

Green Muslims provides presentations at Islamic centers about environmental stewardship and the role of nature in Islam and leads educational nature hikes for local youth groups. Please email us at contact@greenmuslims.org if you would like us to speak or lead a hike for your organization.