Green Scripture Project

Our newest resource brings together verses from the Qur’an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad relevant to any aspect of nature and environmental stewardship. This community-powered database can be searched by words or topic-based tags. Click here to access it!

Directory of Orgs

Check out our list of organizations and initiatives currently underway in the Muslim community related to the environment. Click here to access the list. Please contact us with suggestions or revisions at

Web Comic: Greening Islam




Publications and Multimedia

Earlier this year, Sarrah AbuLughod, a Green Muslims Board Member, was able to do an interview with a reporter who was doing a piece with Symbolia Magazine and Showtime on Climate Change. Instead of the normal medium of words on paper, Audrey Quinn teamed up with Comic Lucy Bellwood to create an incredibly fun look at the work we do! You might even find yourself in one of the comic strips if you look carefully! Click here to access it!

Here are some excellent tools, guidebooks and plans on how to bring care and concern about the environment into your life and community.

    • Green Muslims’ Khutbah Guide

    • Green Muslims’ Ramadan Toolkit: Enhance your Ramadan experience this year, by following along with the Green Muslim’s as they practice “greener” habits. Each day we contemplate an inspirational ayah, quote, or hadith and incorporate the teachings of our tradition into our practice with a daily challenge and reflection. Follow along!

    • Green Muslims’ No Impact Guide: Created in the Fall of 2008, this 7-day challenge participants to each day to paying special attention to a given topic in hopes of reducing their carbon footprint.  With each following day, the goal was to be mindful of and build upon the topics from the previous days so by the seventh day, we will be paying attention to all of the topics.

    • Green Muslims’ Green Iftar Guide: Created in Ramadan 2010, this guide Insha’Allah this guide seeks to help the Muslim community contribute to a greener,cleaner, healthier Iftar. In the form of a Zero Trash, No Waste “Green” Iftar!

    • Khaleafa Green Khutbah Resources

    • Greening Sacred Spaces

    • Green Mosque Checklist